Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Frequently Asked Questions:

How do I gel my daughter’s hair for competitions?
Answer: Click here.

My daughter is interested in a competitive team, what do we do?

Answer: Tryouts are held in June each year, for the following years’ season. Once tryouts are over your daughter will receive an email from the Club’s Head Coach inviting her onto a team.

What age group will my daughter compete in?

Answer: Ages, where applicable, shall be as of December 31 of the year in which the competition is held. For example, your daughter’s birthday is in October, she is turning 11, she competes in the 11/12 age group in that season (Sept – June). If you daughter’s birthday is in February and she is turning 9, she will compete in the 9/10 age group that season (Sept – June).

What equipment will my daughter need to do synchro?



Recreational: Cap (1 provided by Durham Synchro), goggles, nose clip and full piece bathing suit.

Competitive:   Cap (1 provided by Durham Synchro), goggles, nose clips and full piece bathing suit, team bag, team track suit, team shorts and tank top, water bottles (large size for camping), weight belt, tubing.

Where can I purchase nose clips, caps and suits for practice?

Answer: Durham Swim Wear (owned by Omni Swim) located at 282 King St. W., Oshawa. Please let them know you are a member of the Durham Synchro Team and show your “Shark Card”. Shark cards are available from our equipment manager of Durham Synchro. The Shark Card is a discount card given to Durham Synchro Members.

Where can I see competition dates for this season?

Answer: Event schedules can be view at Synchro Ontario. Both Novice Rec and Competitive competitions are listed here with dates and locations. Daily schedules are not available until approximately 2 weeks before the event.