Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Welcome to Durham Synchro!

Durham Synchro Club Inc. is a registered not-for-profit organization with Synchro Ontario.  Our club offers many programs that inspire athletes of all ages to stay fit for life while also promoting the sport of synchronized swimming.

Synchronized swimming is a unique sport that stuns audiences with feats of athleticism, split second timing
of intricate moves, artistic choreography, eye catching highlights and inner and outer beauty of each athlete. Synchro is a featured sport of the summer Olympic Games, which makes our athletes strive for elite success.  Our dedicated coaches work with our athletes to ensure practices that build confidence in our swimmers and teach not only synchro skills but essential life lessons and most importantly creates an atmosphere where our swimmers are always having athletic fun.

Synchronized swimming is a highly athletic sport that includes skills of incredible strength, dynamic flexibility, elegance and grace, split second timing and musical interpretation, therefore resulting in our athletes achieving a high level of

As aforementioned, our athletes do not only achieve physical fitness but life long skills which include time management, respect for their selves, team mates, coaches, officials and components. They learn the importance of commitment, cooperation and that good sportsmanship is acquired through teamwork.

Durham synchro provides both recreational and competitive levels.

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